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Qingyuan International Hotel locates in Qingyuan,  the Lingnan livable city, and the best leisure city of South China. Qingyuan International Hotel is the landmark image proudly standing in the central business district of Qingyuan city. From south, this hotel is near the business and the leisure areas, then to the east, it is next to the administrative center of municipal authorities, and even more, when you stay in the hotel room, the wonderful river view is just outside your windows waiting for you to enjoy. On the other hand, Qingyuan International hotel has  perfectly integrated of business and leisure hotels' functionality, professionalism and comprehensive.

All above of these, it just reminds that you are in the center of the city's  Wonderland.

Qingyuan International Hotel's standard construction is accordance with international five-star hotel, with a total area of 100,000 ㎡. With the Distinctive design, the hotel becomes an ideal place for international business meetings, exhibitions and activities.On the other hand, the hotel's Large-scale multi-functional banquet hall, which is the most complete conference center in the city, will provides wireless Internet access devices, and the most advanced facilities and equipments to our customers.

Hotel has more than 400 deluxe rooms, which offer satellite TV and broadband network services and provide the best value for the guests to enjoy. The business center, which located in the corner of the hotel lobby, provides professional, convenient office facilities, offers personalized secretarial services for business guests.

Base on the Humanized service as purpose to create an exquisite hotel, and try to meet the different needs of different business customers, our hotel has Sao Paulo cafeteria, Cantonese restaurant, Italian restaurant which offer various styles and delicious specialties. We also have lobby bar, cigar house, wine shops, etc, which will help our business and leisure travelers more honourable and luxurious. Richly luxurious Pearl River International Club, YuLongwan health center, Health club, Chess room, Luxurious private clubs, Indoor swimming pool, SPA Center, Commodity Street, Boutique gallery and other necessities to make your romantic getaway to enjoy the luxury.

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